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Nice Airport Terminals

There are two terminals at Nice Airport - Terminal 1 (T1) and Terminal 2 (T2). There is a free shuttle bus that runs between each. Look for signs in each terminal to find the shuttle stop. Shuttles leave from each terminal's bus station (Gare Routière). Inside either terminal, just look for the signs.

The shuttle between terminals runs from 4.30 am to midnight and makes 10 stops. Stops include, along with the terminals, the car hire buildings, airport bus stations (each terminal has one) and the long term car parks. There is a route map in each bus.

You can also walk between the terminals but it won't really save you any time.

By car when you arrive at the airport there are signs (like above) that indicates the direction of each terminal. Don't worry if you miss a turn, it's easy enough to turn around as the airport has lots of roundabouts.

Terminal 1 has a bank - Banque Populaire one the lower level near car hire.

Each terminal has an information desk.