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Nice Airport Car Parks

There are 10 car parks a Nice Airport. P1 (nicknamed Kiss & Fly) is for drop off and quick pick up and is in front of Terminal 1. P2 and P3 offer direct access to Terminal 1 and are best if you need to park at the airport for a few hours. Car parks P4, P7 and P8 are for long term parking, with P4 and P8 closest to Terminal 1.

Car park P5 is directly in front of Terminal 2 and offers the same rates as P2 and P3 meaning it's best to park for a few hours but not for long term parking. The closest long term car park to Terminal 2 it P7. There is also a drop off (Kiss & Fly) lane in front of Terminal 2.

The car parks are easy to find there are lots of signs for them inside and outside both terminals.

It is possible to book a space for car parks P4 (you have to per-book your space online to use car park P4) and P7 on the official Nice Airport web site.
I've been told by someone at the airport that you can now book online car parks P6 (for holidays) and P2/P5 (weekend).
Reduced mobility users you can park in P2 (for terminal 1) and P5 (for terminal 5) at long term rates.

There is handicap parking at the airport, car parks P2, P3, P5 and G2 have phones to call for assistance.

Both terminals have a secure car park, G1 for Terminal 1 and G2 for Terminal 2. G1 also offers motorcycle parking.

P9 is the low cost car park a Nice Airport and is about the same distance from both terminals.

Car park payment can be made in the car parks at one of the payment machines. You can also make payment at the car park/bus station office next to Terminal 1 and the car park/bus station desk in front of Terminal 2.

Height limit seems to vary by car park. Best to check ahead of time to see where you can park if you have high vehicle. There are also some height limits when you enter the airport.